Introduction to Easy IO (ExactDN)

What is Easy IO?

First, let's talk about what it is not. Most image optimization programs work to solve one aspect of image optimization: compression. Specifically, they will compress all the images on your server, which is a great start, and will save you storage space on your server. That's what our Compress API is for, and it's fantastic. Easy IO is NOT for saving storage space, it IS for making your site faster!

Easy IO is a comprehensive image optimization solution. Sure, it compresses your images, but it also makes sure they are properly sized for varying devices, like mobile phones and tablets. It prevents images from loading when they aren't even on the screen (lazy loading), and it converts them to next-generation image formats like WebP all while serving them from a global network (CDN), which comes with it's own benefits.

Note: The Easy IO Developer plan includes a license key for the Compress API in addition to a subscription for the Easy IO service. This allows you to save on storage space with your web server AND get all the benefits of Easy IO!

How does it work?

In short, here's what Easy IO does:

  • Parses your pages, looking for images that need resizing, and makes sure they are lazy loaded.
  • Rewrites image URLs so they can be compressed and scaled by our CDN rocket servers (and even converted to WebP for impressive gains).
  • It does all this with a single click. Enable Easy IO, and you're done!
  • Plus, Easy IO handles JavaScript, CSS, Fonts and more to allow automatic compression of all resources.

Getting Started

Just in case you thought that sounded too simple, here's the whole complicated process...

  1. Purchase a subscription for Easy IO. Your subscription includes one site/domain, additional sites may be added at a discounted rate.
  2. In the WordPress general settings, copy the Site URL setting, and then link the site to your subscription.
  3. Enable the Easy IO option in the EWWW Image Optimizer settings. Save, and then ensure the Plugin Status shows Easy IO as Verified.

Sorry, did I say complicated? Guess we should have added a few more steps!

If you would like a custom CNAME or domain (requires a Developer plan), you can set it up right after you add your site to your subscription. For example, you can use instead of

Manual Setup

Usually, the only time you need to do anything manual is if your images are on cloud storage (Amazon S3, DO Spaces, GCS, etc.). If you use WP Offload Media, manual configuration is not necessary. Otherwise, contact support for assistance, and we'll get you setup in no time!


Easy IO does not permit internationalized domains (IDNs) unless you convert them to Punycode first. In addition, you may run into length limits if you have a very, very long Site URL.

If you need assistance with anything related to Easy IO, you can always contact us (link below).

Ready to get going?  Purchase your Easy IO subscription today!

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