Easy IO (ExactDN) Exclude

You might find that you need to exclude some images/resources from Easy IO, and to that end, you can exclude them in the settings like so:

This ability is also available as an "override". Overrides are defined as constants in your wp-config.php file:

EXACTDN_EXCLUDE allows you to specify patterns to ignore for any resources (images/CSS/JS/fonts) found in the wp-content/ folder. Valid values include a simple string, or an array of string pattern matches. Wildcards (*) are implied, so do not include them or you will get unexpected results.

A simple value for one exclusion would look like this:

define( 'EXACTDN_EXCLUDE', 'plugins/example-plugin/includes/script.js' );

Or if you wanted to exclude all the files for this "example plugin", something like this:

define( 'EXACTDN_EXCLUDE', 'plugins/example-plugin/' );

If you need to specify multiple locations to be excluded, you can do this:

define( 'EXACTDN_EXCLUDE', array( 'plugins/debug-bar/', 'plugins/wordfence/' ) );

Or if that's not pretty enough for you, like so:

define( 'EXACTDN_EXCLUDE', array(
) );

The latter has the advantage also of making it easier to add more exclusions without messing up the syntax (at least I think so).

Nothing in wp-includes can be excluded, if there is a "core" resource that you think ought to be excluded, please let us know.

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