ExactDN (Easy IO) on Multi-site

The Easy Image Optimizer is fully compatible with a multi-site or network install of WordPress. However, there are some things you should know:

  • If using a sub-directory network, only the URL for the primary site needs to be added at https://ewww.io/manage-sites/ if you do a network-wide activation. For domain-based networks, continue on...
  • Easy IO is site-specific, thus each site on a network install can be individually activated/de-activated.
  • If you enable Easy IO network-wide, you can use the batch tool to activate every site on your network install at once. If any site has not been added to your account at https://ewww.io/manage-sites/ then they will be skipped and an error will be displayed for such sites during the activation.
  • You may also batch-register sites if you enter your API key in the EWWW IO settings, rather than manually entering them on your account. EWWW IO can also auto-register new sites if you define EASYIO_NEW_SITE_AUTOREG as true in your wp-config.php.
  • When setting up Easy IO on a sub-folder network with sites on unique domains, EWWW IO will automatically attempt to determine if domain-based mode should be used. If the Activate All Sites button is not available on the network admin, you may define EXACTDN_SUB_FOLDER as false in wp-config.php.

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