Getting Started with SWIS Performance

SWIS Performance contains all the options I use to make my sites faster. No extra bloat, no options that "may or may not" make any difference to your site speed. Just more speed.

SWIS is meant to "just work", so you can turn it all on and be done. But things like minifying JS/CSS and deferring JavaScript can cause problems for some sites. If you find that any option causes problems on your site, you can use the Exclusions for that particular option to work around the breakage. If you can't pin down the problem yourself, send us a message, we'd love to help you!

A note about Exclusions - we want SWIS to work "out of the box" for as many sites as possible. We already know there are cases where certain features shouldn't be used, and SWIS comes with built-in exclusions. If you've found yourself adding any exclusions, we want to know! This helps us improve the plugin for more folks, and it's possible we can even find a fix where an exclusion won't be required anymore.

Now, let's get on to the good stuff!

GZIP, Cache Control, Prefetch and more!

Right out of the box, SWIS adds GZIP compression to make every file on your site as small as possible. Additionally, it makes sure proper caching headers are added to take advantage of browser caching.

And as if that wasn't enough, SWIS automatically scans your page and adds DNS Prefetch and Preconnect hints to make third-party resources load quicker!

Page Caching

Optimize CSS & JS Loading

Minify CSS & JS

Optimize Google Fonts


Pre* Hint Domains

Eliminate Unused JS/CSS


Well, that's it! I hope SWIS makes your life easier and your site faster. But if you run into any snags, send us a note, and we'll be glad to lend a hand.

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