Minify CSS & JS

SWIS can remove excess white-space, comments, etc. from any CSS & JS on your site. While many developers are diligent about making sure the CSS & JS they include is "minified", you can easily find some that are not very efficient. It might even be your own style.css if you use a child theme, I know I don't minify my child theme style.css, not when I have tools to do it for me!.

As an example, the default Twenty Twenty theme includes a stylesheet that is 121kb. When we apply SWIS Minify to the stylesheet, it cuts it down to 89kb, which saves us 26% on just one file! Of course, SWIS will also apply GZIP compression on top of that, which takes an 89kb stylesheet down to 18kb. You're welcome :)

Broken Files?

Okay, it sucks, but it happens. No minifier is perfect, not even the one we use. So if something breaks, and you have to add an exclusion to prevent that, give us a holler and we'll report it upstream. And if you can't figure out what's broken, give us a holler anyway, and we'll help you figure out what done it.

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