Basic Configuration

Premium Options

When you purchase a premium plan, simply select the radio button to Activate Easy IO and/or the Compress API. This allows you to unlock extra compression and save way more space on your website.

Remove Metadata

This option removes all image metadata. Sometimes Photoshop and other tools will even embed thumbnail versions of an image when you save to JPG, so removing metadata is vital to achieving the smallest size possible. Metadata can include EXIF fields like aperture, the type of camera used, exposure, etc. It also includes location, embedded copyright information, and color profiles. Anything that does not tell a computer how to render a pixel is stripped from the image. When using the Compress API or Easy IO, color profiles will be preserved regardless of this setting.

Un-checking this option preserves all metadata, except when using Premium Plus mode (Ludicrous Mode, Local tab). In Premium Plus mode, for both JPG and PNG, the only fields that are preserved are copyright, location, and the creation date.

Resize Images

Lazy Load

WebP Conversion

More Options

While we want to keep things simple for newcomers, there is plenty of power and flexibility just a click away. You can switch to Ludicrous Mode via the link at the top of the Basic Settings to access a whole host of additional options including our Overrides system.

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