Do I need to use my API key along with ExactDN?

Some have asked the question (or something similar): If I use ExactDN, do I need to keep optimizing my images with EWWW IO? In particular, folks have wondered if they need to use the API key on their images once they activate ExactDN. Some are further confused when they note that they receive an API key with 3,000 credits (monthly). Do I need to use this key?

The short answer is "no", but there are reasons you might use both the API and ExactDN together...

ExactDN and Compression

If you read the Intro to ExactDN article, you may have noticed that ExactDN compresses every image that passes through it. Theoretically, that is EVERY image on your site, but again, some themes and plugins may do clever things that bypass ExactDN.

Additionally, it is important to know that ExactDN performs image optimization on copies of your images. It never alters the original images stored on your web server, but compresses a copy of the images stored on our global network of servers.

So, when do you use the API in addition to ExactDN?

  1. If you need to save on the storage space used by your website, you can use the API key and run a bulk optimize to reduce your storage needs.
  2. If you just plain prefer to have the compressed images stored permanently on your server instead of only on our servers, then you should use the API (via the bulk optimizer).

Happy Optimizing!

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