Easy Image Optimizer (ExactDN) Not Verified

If you are having trouble activating Easy Image Optimizer, here are some steps to figure out what went wrong.

  1. Make sure your site is publicly accessible. If the images on your site cannot be accessed by our servers, then they can't be optimized by Easy IO. *But you can still use the Compress API.
  2. Make sure you have added your site to your subscription at https://ewww.io/manage-sites/
  3. When you try to add your site, if you get an error about DNS or a message saying "Zone creation failed: Zone name already exists.", wait a few minutes, and try it again. If it gives you an error the second time around, contact support immediately and we'll get your site sorted out.
  4. If you just added a site on the Manage Sites page, slow down, and wait at least 10 minutes. It usually only takes 5 minutes, but in rare occasions, it can take up to an hour. If it still says Deploying on the Manage Sites page, it hasn't even been 5 minutes (refresh the page to make sure).
  5. Make sure you entered the Site Address exactly as it is shown in your WordPress General settings. Note that we're not talking about the "admin url" from your address bar, but the actual "Site Address (URL)" setting listed in the General Settings. The address you enter on the Manage Sites page must match that exactly, and should look something like https://www.example.com -- http vs. https is also important, so make sure that matches also. Some plugins cleverly mask the fact that your site URL is still using plain http in the database, so saving your WordPress general settings can sometimes resolve the issue.
  6. The most common issue is that a firewall on your server or webhost is blocking outgoing connections to our servers. Check with your webhost or server admin, and ask them to whitelist optimize.exactlywww.com and/or the IP address
  7. Another issue, could be that a firewall or plugin is blocking access to the files on your site when our servers try to fetch them for optimization. A current list of the Easy IO IP addresses can be found here: https://docs.ewww.io/article/93-easy-io-exactdn-servers
  8. If you manage your own server, check your DNS settings to make sure your website can "resolve" the address optimize.exactlywww.com.
  9. Still stuck? Enable the Debugging option on the Support tab. Then try activating Easy IO again. Send us the exact error message along with the System Information and we'll see what we can find.

If you find a problem not listed here, let us know!

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