Easy IO/ExactDN Servers

You may find that some (overzealous) security software and firewalls will prevent Easy IO from accessing your images for optimization and delivery. Never fear! We have a handy list that you can reference that lists the IP addresses for all the current Easy IO servers.

You can view the full list here: https://optimize.exactlywww.com/exactdn/servers.php (or in JSON: https://optimize.exactlywww.com/exactdn/servers.php?format=json)

Please note that this list will change periodically as we add/upgrade servers, and we frequently add temporary servers to absorb traffic surges, which could cause issues with overzealous firewalls.

Additionally, the list of servers may be queried via the DNS A (IPv4) and AAAA (IPv6) records for resizers.exactlywww.com.

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