Easy IO/ExactDN Servers

In order to deliver and optimize your images, our servers first need to be able to retrieve that content from your origin server via the site URL which you've added to your account. Unfortunately, you may find that some security software and firewalls will block Easy IO from accessing your images.

If you manage your own firewall/security software, this information is for you. If your web host or someone else manages this for you, you can forward this information to them.

User Agent

The easiest way to detect a request from the ExactDN network is via the User Agent header. The User Agent header on all requests will have "ExactDN" appended to the existing user agent sent by the browser/device.


Any request headers, including the User Agent, can be spoofed by nefarious individuals, so you may wish to use multiple methods of detection. The CDN-ServerId is another header that is present on all requests from our servers.

IP Addresses

We have a handy list that you can reference that lists the IP addresses for all the current Easy IO/ExactDN servers. However, this list changes frequently as we add/remove/upgrade servers. Further, some large files like PDF documents and videos bypass the compression servers and will be requested directly by our upstream CDN.

If you do choose to whitelist by IP address, we highly recommend automating this process to prevent connectivity problems.

You can view the full list here: https://optimize.exactlywww.com/exactdn/servers.php (or in JSON: https://optimize.exactlywww.com/exactdn/servers.php?format=json)

Additionally, the list of servers may be queried via the DNS A (IPv4) and AAAA (IPv6) records for resizers.exactlywww.com.

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