SSL Certificate Changes for Easy IO

Similar to web hosts that provide free HTTPS on your site, we use TLS certificates provided by Let’s Encrypt to get HTTPS on your Easy IO/ExactDN domain. Let’s Encrypt is a free service that provides certificates to make a better, more privacy-respecting Web for a billion people around the globe, every day.

Starting January 11, 2021, Let’s Encrypt  will be changing their certificates in such a way that Android users running versions 7.1 and earlier will encounter a warning when they try to visit a site using a TLS certificate from Let’s Encrypt. Simply, this is because those older versions of Android have not been updated since 2016 and do not trust the root certificate that Let’s Encrypt will begin using beginning January 11, 2021.

For Easy IO, the "date of impact" may vary, depending on whether you use a custom CNAME, or a standard * domain:

  1. For those using an *, this change will take effect on or around February 20th. We'll have a more concrete date after our next renewal, and will email all Easy IO users a reminder at that time.
  2. If you use a custom CNAME, the change will depend on your current TLS certificate's expiration date. If it is prior to February 11th, your site will likely not be impacted until the next renewal (LE certs are always renewed early).

What can you do if someone has trouble loading/viewing your website? Simply tell them if they are running Android versions prior to 7.1 to download the Firefox mobile browser: This browser is able to get the updates needed to support the change from Let’s Encrypt.

If you have any questions or comments, just let us know!

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