Easy IO - Is It Working?

Easy IO is often so effortless to setup, it leaves people wondering, "Is that it? Do I need to do anything else?" and even "How do I know Easy IO is working?"

While the short answer is yes, no, and don't worry about it, that's not very comforting!

Thus, in version 5.8 of the EWWW Image Optimizer, we've added a convenient way to view the Easy IO Savings right on the plugin settings page:

Now you can see any compression savings for your locally stored images AND the ones stored on our Easy IO CDN servers.

Note that images on Easy IO are compressed "on the fly", so it may not compress your entire media library, and you will not see any Easy IO stats for individual images in the Media Library. Though of course, if you DO compress your local images as well (via the free mode or an API key), then you will see those savings reflected next to each image.

Easy IO and WebP

Since Easy IO uses "transparent" server-based delivery for WebP, the file extensions on your images will remain as .jpg, .png, or .gif, even when WebP images are being delivered. You can see the WebP delivery in action by following these steps:

  1. Right click on one of your images, and choose Inspect. This opens the Developer Tools for your browser.
  2. Click on the Network tab of the Dev Tools, and refresh the page.
  3. You can filter the Network tab to just Images which will make things a lot easier.
  4. Look for WebP under the Type column, like so:

If you have any further questions or comments, just let us know!

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