More Options for Easy Image Optimizer

While our Starter plan is geared toward small sites, or those just starting out with their website, the Pro/Developer plans come with some extra features to fine tune things to your liking.

Starter plans are locked into our Premium lossy compression, but Pro/Developer sites can disable Premium compression to use Pixel Perfect mode. Additionally, Pro/Developer plans allow you to use LQIP for lazy load. LQIP (low-quality image placeholders) are useful to show that an image is inbound, but not yet ready to display. While the image is being transferred, a lower quality version of the original will be displayed to hold it's place.

The Pro plan also features JS/CSS optimizations, like Automatic Minify and the best compression available via the Brotli algorithm. Gzip will be used for older browsers that don't yet support Brotli. The Pro plan also includes all of the global edge locations to extend your reach beyond the US and Europe.

The Developer plan includes access to our Premium Compression API for your local images along with a Speed Audit using GTmetrix Pro to highlight any areas that need improving. We include a before/after version of the test results, to also help you see any changes from activating Easy IO. And if you don't like our * domain names, you can use your own!