Lazy Loading

In case you were wondering, EWWW IO does not offer any lazy loading functionality, nor do we expect to add that functionality.

However, EWWW IO is compatible with many lazy load plugins and themes, and we recommend using whichever one works best out of those mentioned below.

ExactDN and JS (Alternative) WebP Rewriting are the only features that have ANY limitations regarding lazy loading support, and to prevent bloat, we have limited our scope to support plugins that use these patterns:

  • Replacing src with data-lazy-src and replacing srcset with data-lazy-srcset.
  • Replacing src with data-src and replacing srcset with data-srcset. For WebP support, this pattern also requires that you add the attribute data-lazy-type="image" to your markup (since the data-src attribute could be used for other purposes than lazy loading).

These plugins are known to use the supported lazy load patterns and will work properly with all EWWW IO features:

  • a3 Lazy Load
  • BJ Lazy Load
  • Jetpack
  • Slider Revolution
  • WP Retina 2x
  • WP Rocket

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