Easy IO/ExactDN Bandwidth Usage Limits

All Easy Image Optimizer (and EWWW IO Unlimited) plans are subject to a viewer bandwidth limit: 50 GB/month for Starter, 200 GB/month for Pro/Growth and 400 GB/month for the Developer/Infinite plans. For some perspective, 400 GB/month comes out to about 13.3 GB/day (that's a LOT of traffic). Bandwidth does not correspond to the amount of disk space used by your site. Rather, it is the amount of data transfer used in delivering your images to your visitors by our CDN servers.

All plans include Peak Overage Protection, so if you go over your limit, don't freak out, your site will continue to function just fine. We will contact you if it becomes necessary to upgrade.

However, if an upgrade is not completed within 30 days, we reserve the right to set a hard limit on any affected sites.

Higher Bandwidth plans are available for sites using 1TB+.

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