ExactDN Bandwidth Usage Limits

All ExactDN plans are subject to a data usage limit of 200GB/month, which comes out to about 6.67 GB/day. Your site will continue to function as normal, since all plans include Peak Overage Protection. In other words, if you go over your limit, don't worry about it, your site will continue to function with ExactDN just fine. We will contact you when/if it becomes a problem.

If you experience sustained overages, such that your total monthly usage will exceed the 200GB limit, we will work with you to upgrade to a higher subscription level.

The pricing levels are customized for each site, but based upon a rate of $0.09/GB (rounded to the nearest $9). For example:

  • 250 GB is $19/month
  • 380 GB is $29/month
  • 430 GB is $39/month
  • 900 GB is $79/month
  • 1.4 TB is $129/month

Note that these prices are approximate, and we will also take into account any discounts that might be active on your current plan.

Also note that if the majority of your traffic comes from outside of North America and Europe, the base rate used for calculations is $0.20/GB due to the much higher costs in these regions.

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