ExactDN Bandwidth Usage Limits

All ExactDN plans are subject to a viewer bandwidth limit of 200GB/month, which comes out to about 6.67 GB/day. Your site will continue to function as normal, since all plans include Peak Overage Protection. In other words, if you go over your limit, don't worry about it, your site will continue to function with ExactDN just fine. We will contact you when/if it becomes a problem. Usually, this will be a billing cycle in advance, unless your site is exceeding 1TB.

The pricing levels are as follows, anything not listed here is based upon a rate of $10 more per 100GB:

  • 200-249 GB is $19/month
  • 250-399 GB is $29/month
  • 400-499 GB is $39/month
  • 500-599 GB is $49/month
  • 600-699 GB is $59/month
  • 700-799 GB is $69/month
  • 800-899 GB is $79/month
  • 900-999 GB is $89/month

Plans over 1TB will be discounted further (at our discretion), for example:

  • 1.4 TB is $129/month
  • 1.8 TB is $159/month

We will also take into account any discounts that might be active on your current plan.

NOTE: if the majority of your traffic comes from outside of North America and Europe, the overage plans are doubled due to the higher costs in these regions.

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