Restoring Original Images

For all of you that are using the compression API, EWWW IO has an option to store a copy of your original images on our servers for 30 days. So, how do you access those?

The first, and easiest way is to switch the Media Library to List mode. In the top-left corner of the Media Library, there are two buttons that let you toggle between List and Grid modes. Once you've switched to List mode, you will find Restore links for any image that has been compressed within the last 30 days.

Secondly, on the EWWW IO Tools page, there is a button to Show Optimized Images. This lets you restore individual thumbnails & resizes as well as the originals, so it can be useful if you only want to restore a couple specific image files.

Lastly, you can access your optimization history at where you'll also find restore links for any images processed in the last 30 days.

But what if you want to restore ALL your images to their original state, is there a way to do that? Yes, there is, if you maintain your own website backups, which you should. Restoring your images from your own backups is the fastest and most efficient way to restore ALL your images. If you don't have your own backups, take this as a wake-up call; if you value your website, you must have backups that you can rely upon.
If you don't have too many images, you can also just scroll down the media library and hit the restore links one after another, you can have multiple images restoring at once so long as you don't overload your server.

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