Managing API Keys

When you signup for our compression API service, you get a single API key. If you purchase more credits, they go on the same key. If you purchase a second or third subscription, it all goes on the same key.

Your API key is not locked or limited to a single site, it may be used on 10 sites or 1,000 sites, it's totally up to you. But some folks need more flexibility, and for them we have created the concept of "sub-keys".

You can manage your API keys at which gives you several options. Of course, if you believe someone is abusing your key, you can generate a new primary key, which will invalidate the old one immediately.

Sub-keys & Sub-accounts

But you can also create "sub-keys" on that page, which can be very useful for client work. Whether you want to limit how many credits each client uses, or just keep track of their usage, sub-keys give you greater ability to keep track of your usage when you have many websites to take care of. On the key management page, you can generate an unlimited number of sub-keys. You can then label them so that you have a handy reminder of what the key is for or what site it is installed on.

You can even link those sub-keys to user accounts (via email) to give your clients the ability to setup Easy IO with their key, or download SWIS Performance and activate it with their sub-key. Easy IO sites will be automatically registered directly within the EWWW Image Optimizer when an API key is active (and you click the Activate button for Easy IO).


You can also set a limit to how many credits a sub-key can use each month. If you use pre-paid credits, of course the sub-keys are still limited to however many pre-paid credits are on your account. For example, if you purchase 9,000 credits, and limit a sub-key to 5,000 and the sub-key uses 5,000 credits the first month, then it can really only use 4,000 the next month (or less if credits have been used on the primary key or other sub-keys). If you have a monthly subscription, your usage is unlimited, so then the sub-key is only subject to whatever limits you have configured. Our system will alert you automatically if there is unusually high usage on your account within a given billing cycle.

There is also a site limit for sub-keys, which can be used to restrict how many sites are allowed with the Easy IO CDN and SWIS Performance plugins. If you leave the site limit at 0, the sub-key will be subject to your overall account limits.

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