Which version of the plugin should I use?

You might have noticed there are two different versions of the EWWW Image Optimizer for WordPress. The regular one that we call the "core" version, and then the Cloud version.

So which one should you use, and what are the differences?

If you are a paying customer, use the Cloud version, otherwise you'll need to use the Core version. But how are they different?

  • The Core version contains ALL the functionality for both free optimization, and the paid services, including the compression API and ExactDN.
  • The Cloud version has only the paid compression API functionality and the ExactDN service. It does not contain any of the functions or tools for doing local/free compression.
  • So the Cloud version is much smaller than the Core version, since the optimization tools make up over 90% of the total package. This really only matters during plugin updates, which is usually once or twice a month.
  • The Core version is therefore larger, but that doesn't really impact the load times of your site. However, it does increase the resources (memory and CPU) required during image uploads/imports when using the free compression tools that are bundled with the plugin.
  • The Cloud version is also more secure, even though I've made every effort to ensure EWWW IO is as safe as possible, executing the binaries locally on your server is a potential security risk.
  • For security and performance reasons, some webhosts do not allow the Core version, but they will allow the Cloud version of the plugin.

That about covers it, but if you think of something I didn't list, just ask!