Could not validate API key

When you get an error saving the API key after you submit the settings, here are some steps to figure out what went wrong.

  1. If you have never used the API before, and this is a new purchase, check your email. If you haven't received an email confirming activation of your key, then it won't work yet. While this usually is pretty fast, it can take an hour or two, especially if you used PayPal. For API keys received via email for enabling usage tracking, your API key is already active, so you don't have to worry about this one.
  2. The next most common issue is that a firewall on your server or webhost is blocking outgoing connections to our API servers. Check with your webhost or server admin, and ask them to whitelist and/or this IP address:
  3. If you manage your own server, check your DNS settings to make sure your website can "resolve" the address
  4. Still stuck? Turn on the Debugging option on the Support tab, and try saving the key again. Then look for a link on the Support tab that lets you View the Debug Log. You can do a search for the cloud_verify() function yourself, or send us a copy of your debug log and we'll see what error is showing up.

If you find a problem not listed here, let us know! We'd love to hear how you fixed your problem saving the API key.

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