Easy IO (ExactDN) and Query Strings

Once you activate Easy IO on your site, things will start to be faster, the clouds will disappear, and birds will start singing... Okay, maybe you don't get singing birds, but your site will be faster.

And you'll probably want to test just how fast your site is now, right? If you use a testing site to automate this, you might see a recommendation like this: "Remove query strings from static resources".

So what's that all about, and how does it affect Easy IO?

The recommendation to remove query strings is a bit of a holdover from when there were many proxy (cache) servers that would not cache any resources with query strings. It wasn't just that resources would get mixed up from ignoring query strings, these (older) servers just wouldn't cache the files, ever.

First of all, Easy IO needs those query strings. It uses the query strings to enforce https on secure sites, to compress images, and to resize them. It's also what helps our cache systems know the difference between various sizes of an image, so they don't get mixed up.

Second, because Easy IO needs those query strings, our cache systems have been specifically configured to handle those files properly.

All of this means that you can safely ignore the recommendation to remove query strings. At least, so long as all the files are going through Easy IO.

Will it Affect My Score?

Not that you should ever be chasing a particular score, since you should be focused on the actual speed of your site, but we have more good news:

GTmetrix doesn't even recommend removing query strings any more, so violating the query strings guideline does NOT impact your overall score. So, rest easy, knowing Easy IO is making your site faster, and more user-friendly!

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