Usage Tracking

Having a plugin on is amazing, how else can a free plugin reach 20 million downloads? But something you don’t get much of is data. I know the EWWW Image Optimizer has had millions of downloads to date with hundreds of thousands actively using it. But when it comes to making informed decisions about new features, or removing old functions, what can one do?

To that end, I've made it possible for site owners to enable usage tracking from within the WordPress admin area. This feature sends non-sensitive data about your site, how EWWW IO is installed and how it is being used.

Hurrah for more awesome!


Nothing sensitive is stored, not even the URL of your site. We do not track or store any personal or business critical data from you or your clients. Tracking data is sent automatically to our servers once you opt-in and then once a week from there on out.

How to opt-out

Perhaps you agree to share the non-sensitive data but then for some reason wish to opt-out. No problem, you can do so by simply un-checking the option under the Contribute tab in the EWWW IO settings.

What exactly is tracked?

Below is the list of the data submitted:

  • Theme
  • WordPress version
  • WordPress locale
  • PHP memory limit
  • Webserver software
  • PHP version
  • libxml version
  • multisite vs. single site
  • operating system
  • Some PHP Settings like max_execution_time and memory_limit
  • List of installed plugins
  • Total number of images
  • Total amount of savings achieved
  • EWWW Image Optimizer settings

In the case of the settings, any option that might have site-specific data is reduced to a simple boolean (true/false) value to let us know that you use the setting.

This is all done in the name of making EWWW IO better. By seeing how you are using EWWW IO and what your setup looks like we are able to make decisions that lead to better features, and more helpful documentation.

Opt-in and get free stuff

If you already opted-in, you'll find a discount code on the Contribute tab of the EWWW IO settings (version 6.0+). 

Please note that tracking is not permitted from local machines (localhost) or development machines – only sites with valid domains will be tracked.

Thanks for reading this

Thank you for your time and I hope you will join me in making EWWW IO more awesome. If you don't, no hard feelings, and Happy Optimizing!

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