Troubleshooting JS Errors

In SWIS 2.0, you can use the Manage JS/CSS panel on the front-end of your site to see if you have any JavaScript errors. Of course, you can always use the Chrome developer console (Ctrl+Shift+C) to view JS errors, but with SWIS you can now keep tabs on these errors while you're slimming down which JS and CSS files load on your pages.

If you don't see that section, then you don't have any errors and can continue on your merry way.

But if you DO have script errors, what now?!

Find the root cause

The first thing to check is whether the errors were caused by something you enabled in SWIS, or if the errors were already there. In the SWIS front-end menu, there's even an option to view the page without SWIS.

If the errors persist with SWIS Performance disabled, then there's not a lot our support folks can do to help. After all, we can't fix third-party code. BUT, if you're not sure what plugin (or maybe your theme) is responsible for the error, we are certainly willing to see if we can help point you in the right direction. Send us an email with a screenshot of the error, and we'll see what we can determine.

When SWIS (or EWWW IO) breaks your JS

Disable JS Minify

SWIS and our Easy IO CDN use the same JS Minify library to make your JS code as small as possible. If you are using either of these features, turn them off and see if that fixes the problem. If it does, let us know what script was having an error and we'll look into it further.

Optimize JS Loading

While deferring scripts is recommended, and usually safe, some scripts don't run properly in deferred mode. You may be able to fix it by adding an exclusion (globally, or per-page via Slim). If you find a script that SWIS shouldn't ever defer, let us know!

If you're still stuck, send us an email. Screenshots and videos are a big help, though sometimes there's no substitute for seeing the problem in action. If SWIS is causing trouble, and you can't leave it active on a production site, try to replicate it on a clone/staging copy of your site before contacting support.

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