Watermarking with Easy IO

Watermarking is a brand new feature as of August 11, 2022, so we wan't your feedback on this new feature!

Using the Easy IO CDN for watermarking makes it easy to update your watermark, because it doesn't touch the originals on your site. A quick cache purge, and you can apply new watermark settings to all your images!

Enable Watermarking

To enable watermarking for your images, mosey on over to the site management page, and look for the little gear icon next to your site.

Image URL

The watermark image must be a publicly accessible image, and we run a quick check to be sure the Easy IO servers can fetch the image before saving the settings.

The image should be in the PNG format if you have transparency, and sadly I couldn't get it to work with SVG images. We do have some auto-scaling built in, which we'll cover in a moment.

Image/Border Offset

This setting controls how far from the image side Easy IO should place the watermark. This will be calculated based on the smallest dimension of the image (height for landscape, width for portrait). This doesn't really apply to Center position, unless you are using a full-size watermark image that will cover the entire image.

Minimum Image Size

Only images over the minimum image size (in pixels) will have a watermark applied. Currently this applies to both width/height, but I contemplated only checking image width like the Bunny.net optimizer does. So if you have a preference one way or the other, let us know!

Position & Auto-sizing

This should be pretty straight-forward, but the position also determines the auto-sizing of the watermark. This is also another area where we need feedback. When using a "corner" position, the watermark will be no more than 20% of the size of the image. If you think that's a terrible default, and have a better idea, you know what to do! No, don't go cry in a corner, send us an email :)

For Center position, the watermark can be the same size as the image itself, minus the Border Offset. For example, let's say you upload a 2000px watermark, and have a 1000px image with a Border Offset of 5%. The watermark space will be 1000px minus 10% (left + right/top + bottom offset), or 900px.


If you'd like a semi-transparent watermark, then by all means make your watermark image semi-transparent with GIMP or Photoshop. At this time, we don't plan to add an opacity setting since semi-transparent watermarks work just peachy!

Have any other questions? Send an email to our support@ address, and we'll be happy to help! Or use the help beacon over there in the bottom corner...

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