Delivering Video with Easy Image Optimizer

If you have video files on your site and you're using Easy IO, you may have noticed that Easy IO won't deliver those by default. That is, you won't see our plugin rewriting video URLs to use an * domain. Though videos are excluded by default, there are also some other file types that we block: htm, html, php, ashx, m4v, mov, wvm, qt, webm, ogv, mp4, m4p, mpg, mpeg, mpv.

*note that the list might change at some point, but it's been pretty static for quite some time, so contact us if you're not sure about a certain file type.

Delivering Video

However, if you would like to deliver video via Easy IO, shoot an email to our support@ address and we'll work with you to set that up. There are two things needed for video delivery:

  1. An exclusion on the Easy IO zone to bypass the compression servers for specific video files/extensions.
  2. A CDN rewriting plugin like CDN Enabler or the plugin to rewrite the URLs for (only) the specific extensions.

Delivering PHP-based resources (JS, CSS, etc.)

You can also use a separate CDN plugin if you'd like to rewrite PHP-based static resources to use Easy IO. Be sure to check with our support if you have any trouble, as we block query strings on PHP resources by default to prevent bots from attacking your site.

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